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Sound familiar to you?

Anyone can build you a website but did you really know what you were getting?

There is one important question that is often neglected by website designers. And the end result of which is often a great looking websites that doesn’t deliver on the initial requirement.

And the question is: What do you want your website to do?

It’s not a trick question, or designed to catch a business out - it’s a genuine, need to know, question.

Let me explain why. You run a small business and everyone tells you that you need to have a website. Great, you go to the first website company you find and place your order. Which often happens after seeing some impressive, great looking, designs that impressed you. But that’s not enough!

Before you make your decision on who to go with you should have been asked - what do you want a website to do? There are many possible answers and sometimes it’s necessary to help a business reach the actual answer that is best for them. Often because they have not considered the question or even appreciated that there the answer can have a massive effect on the success of the website!

A business may want the website to simply show that they are a legitimate business, or perhaps to be used as an e-commerce tool to sell products directly. Alternatively they might require it for lead generation - where they encourage visitors to pick up the phone and call them or complete an online form.

So once you’ve figured out the purpose of your website you need to take it one step further and decide what outcome you’d like to have happen, when someone lands on your site. Do you want them to read your testimonials? Do you want them to download a booking form? Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you? What call to action needs to be in place on your website.

If your desire is for them to call you - is your phone number is a clear and obvious place. Are you inviting them to call or is your phone number on the contact page where they have to perform an action to get there?

Lastly, if you are expecting your website to appear on the first page of a Google search, you need to consider the content that goes on the page. Is it relevant, fresh and original? Have you thought about adding some video or additional links to your social media platforms?

All these additional questions are basic yet often get overlooked - and these are just some of the questions that your website designer should be asking you.

So if you have a pretty website that fails to deliver results - it might be time for a website review.

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